Sunday, May 11, 2008

Zero reasons not to homeschool

Those annoying anti homeschoolers are at it again, Grove Street's Weblog post 9 reasons not to homeschool. Why I wonder do they feel compelled to give their stance on homeschooling? Since they do not consider it a viable choice for their family, why do they waste their time thinking about it?

  • Time efficiency = LAZINESS - Not true! Employers are always looking for ways to make their work force more efficient. Efficiency does not equal laziness.
  • A fraction of the cost of private schools -CHEAP-SKATE! - This would depend on the individual homeschool family. Many homeschool families spend a great deal on textbooks, lab equipment and field trips. We choose to homeschool because their were no secular private schools in our area.
  • Promotes good reading habits - NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND- CAN’T HELP IT IF SOME PARENTS REFUSE TO READ TO THEIR CHILD- NOT IN MY HOUSEHOLD- 15 MINUTE TO AN HOUR DAILY-AT HOME! - OK, she is right NCLB can not make parents read to their children and I am very glad that she takes the time to read to her child. Many public school parents do and I am sure these children learn good reading habits. But homeschooling allows you to instill a love of reading in your children. Parents who choose other educational options can also instill a love of reading in their children but to list this as a reason not to homeschool is ludicrous.
  • Strengthens family bonds and reduces the risk of developing a “peer orientation” NO PEER ORIENTATION- NO DEFINITION OF CHARACTER-”WHERE DO I FIT IN?” MOMMY CAN’T BEAR TO LOSE CONTROL OF CHILD - This is utter BS. Strengthening family bonds is a good thing. Numerous studies have been done that show that children with both parents in the home generally do better in school (Family values: The importance of strong family bonds , The Future of Children). The majority of homeschooled children have ample opportunity to interact with their peers and have no problems fitting in. This does not mean that parents who choose to send their children to public or private school don't have strong family bonds but again listing this as a reason not to homeschool is ludicrous.
  • Promotes getting the father involved in the child’s education -WHAT FATHER ISN’T INVOLVED- UNLESS YOUR IN A BAD MARRIAGE- MY HUSBAND ATTENDS EVERY FUNCTION, DOES HOMEWORK, ATTENDS PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES… - I am glad to hear that her husband is involved in their child's public school education. Many schools discourage parental involvement, it's nice that the public school their child attends doesn't. But again this isn't a reason not to homeschool.
  • Allows religion to play central role in the child’s education - CATHOLIC SCHOOLS,JEWISH SCHOOLS, BAPTIST SCHOOLS- LAST TIME I CHECK THEY WERE CENTRALIZED AROUND RELIGION- I WAS RAISED IN A CATHOLIC SCHOOL. - She totally misses the point that this doesn't apply to all homeschoolers. Many secular homeschoolers have no wish for religion to play a central role in their child's education.
  • Promotes patriotism - PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE EVERY AM- FLAG DAY CELEBRATIONS AND MY SECOND GRADER IS LEARNING HOW TO VOTE AND SITTING BY MY SIDE AND LEARNING ABOUT THE VOTING PROCESS- GO HILLARY!!!!! - Yes, public schools promote patriotism too. But again this isn't a reason not to homeschool.
  • Allows children to remain innocent longer - NAIVE PEOPLE WILL LEARN ABOUT THE OUTSIDE WORLD AT SOME POINT AND NOT KNOW HOW TO DEFEND THEMSELVES- NO COMMON SENSE- PLUS HOMESCHOOL CHILDREN ARE NOT THAT INNOCENT- I HAVE MET THEM.THEY INTRODUCED WEAPONS AND GUNS TO MY SON WHO IS NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY WITH THEM. - Again this would depend on the individual homeschooling family. I assure you my children aren't naive and I know many other homeschoolers who do not bend over backwards to 'protect' their children. Our children have plenty of common sense and know how to protect themselves. Public Schools are not the only places children can learn about the world.
  • More positive socialization-NO SOCIALIZATION- NOT ENOUGH TIME TO SOCIALIZE PROPERLY. THEY WILL LEARN ABOUT MYSPACE SOMEDAY. - It's sad that she buys into the same old canard about socialization. Homeschooled children have plenty of time to socialize. They belong to recreational sports teams, scouts, church groups, robotics teams. The list of activities they participate in is endless. They also hang out with their friends at the mall and connect online, just like public school kids.

She hasn't listed one valid reason not to homeschool.


  1. She's not worth the effort. She stated it plainly that she posts whatever she wants on her blog and those who disagree are not welcome. That's unfortunate for her because true learning comes from hearing both sides of an issue.

    I agree with you though that she has not made any any valid points against homeschooling. She has not educated herself about it the way most of us who homeschool have. I'm sure those of us who homeschool have thought long and hard about our decision to go against the grain. It took me years of reading about it and meeting other homeschoolers who shared my values to finally come to that choice. Our reasons are many and varied and cannot be easily refuted with a simplistic list.

    P.S. My security word is fqkqr. Made me laugh.

  2. We too researched homeschooling before we embarked on our homeschooling adventure. I wonder why our critics can't either 1.) leave homeschooling alone as it doesn't impact their life or 2.) at least research it if they are going to post about it.

  3. Wow, what narrowminded views she spouted. Like many people, she apparently can't grasp that there is more than one type of homeschooler and more than one reason for homeschooling. Yikes. She's not, therefore, the best advocate for public schools if she's an example of their product.

    ---Adso of Melk

  4. I went back to her site recently, and she now has over 500 hits to her blog (this morning just over 400 hits) yet only 2 or 3 comments today. Looks like most people are clicking over, reading, and leaving. They are the same tired arguments rehashed yet again by someone who really doesn't (want to) get it. Her latest post (have you seen it?) just proves that to me. Homeschooling obviously isn't for her, so it is not worth my time to compose a thoughtful reply.

  5. Haven't seen her latest post. Her site didn't seem that interesting to me.

    I can't help but wonder if this applies to her; she sounded so angry.

    They feel guilty. Homeschooling parents invest time and money into their children's education while public school parents are getting a 'free ride'. Deep down they suspect they may be failing their children. Instead of examining the educational choices they made for their own children it's much easier to attack homeschoolers.
    Labeling them WEIRD, ELITIST, STIFLING, FUNDIES, BACKWARD, and other unflattering terms means they never have to seriously consider homeschooling.

    They view anyone who makes a different educational choice then public schools as attacking them. Apparently they really aren't learning tolerance and respect for diversity in the public schools. What they seem to be preaching is everyone must conform to their vision of what the world should be like.

  6. She definitely comes across as angry, perhaps for the reasons you mention. Who knows.

    I do feel that when homeschoolers talk of the benefits of homeschooling (whatever they be for any particular family) they indirectly criticize the choice to send kids to school. Or at least it seems that way. I try not to talk about homeschooling with my school friends and neighbors. Either they don't get it or they don't want to get it. That's fine with me if people make different choices.

  7. I have to admit I am totally baffled why public school parents would spend so much time and energy discussing homeschoolers. The fact that they made a different educational choice for their child is fine with me, I certainly don't intend to waste my time analyzing and criticizing their choice.

    You have a point here.
    I do feel that when homeschoolers talk of the benefits of homeschooling (whatever they be for any particular family) they indirectly criticize the choice to send kids to school.

    I never intend to criticize a parent for sending a child to public school. If public schooling works for their family that's great, it's a valid educational choice. But it didn't work for my family and I resent it when they imply that WE SHOULD HAVE JUST MADE IT WORK or PUT UP WITH IT NOT WORKING. Instead of making the choice to homeschool.

    And I know many homeschoolers that have one or more kids in public schools while homeschooling the others. Because public school worked/offered something for some of their kids and not all of them.

  8. All homeschoolers [sic] opinions of my opinions will be deleted, I have no interest in YOU or what you have to say.

    Wonder where she picked up this type of attitude- the government-run schools, perhaps? They're not exactly known for fostering a climate where diverse opinions are tolerated...

    I've had any number of commenters to my blog who've disagreed with stuff I've written. Unless their comments go way over the line (such as multiple profanities), I won't delete them. What's the point of even turning on the "comments" feature if you're just going to squelch legitimate discussions?

  9. I agree with you Crimson Wife. Why allow comments at all if you are going to delete any comments that aren't 100% supportive of your viewpoint.

    I have only deleted a comment once and it was full of multiple profanities and from someone called Jack Hoff. We left the other comments Mr. Hoff made that were not laced with profanities up, even though they were very offensive.

  10. Glad to see you sent this to the CoH. :)

  11. "You're not here to socialize!" is something I heard everyday from teachers in public high school (I'm sure I'm not the only one). Now anti-homeschoolers use the opposite argument. WTF? Why are these people so concerned about how parents are teaching their own kids? BTW, I'm a single, childless guy so I have no vested interest for arguing one way or the other. I would definitely homeschool if I had kids, though.

  12. lordsomber,
    I seem to recall hearing it too.
    "You're not here to socialize!" is something I heard everyday from teachers in public high school.

    I haven't got a clue why the anti homeschoolers spend so much time telling other parents how to raise their children. Apparently they have very boring lives.

    Thanks for your comment.

  13. I agree with you on the anger. I often think the angrier they are the more guilty they really feel inside.

    "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

    Rather than attacking others the time would be better spent looking within. Not that I think this woman should be anywhere near children with her anger issues and lack of common sense, but a little internal thinking might do her good.


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