Friday, October 15, 2010

Divisive Issues & Homeschool Forums

Sixathome took offense when an inclusive homeschool group locked Lioness' problems with DHS on their forum, Sixathome outlined her complaint in her post Responsibility and a Home School Forum.

I want to offer these thoughts. A Homeschool Groups first responsibility is to the Group. Topics that become divisive can destroy a group. This was such a topic and Natalie acted responsibly when she locked the topic. This in no way prevents members from visiting Lioness' blog to offer support and sympathy, or sharing Lioness' story on their own blog.

Secondly as horrific as what Lioness' family is going through, it isn't really a homeschooling issue. Lioness herself said that she was reported for neglect. That is what DHS is investigating. Lioness would be facing the same nightmare even if her children attended public school.  

Thirdly this is a legal issue and is beyond the scope of PEAK's capabilities to help. Having our members sitting around wringing their hands helps no one. Natalie and others  pointed Lioness to resources that could help her. It is up to Lioness to make use of them.

Should Mississippi homeschoolers be worried? I think not. This issue is very complex and has little to do with homeschooling.

When Hell Came to Our Home

This is so scary. Please go by Lioness' blog and read her post When Hell Came to Our Home Mega Post and if there is any way you can help.