Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Homeschooling does not equal Fundamentalist Christian

First I despise sites that won't let you comment unless you register like Word Press or I would have just commented on this idiotic post on Jewel's SPAM blog.

When homeschool children are taught by their parents about Darwin, they don’t usually get lectures about how his theory of natural selection is the foundation of modern biology. No, they are taught something much different.

NOT ALL HOMESCHOOLERS ARE FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS AND MANY OF US BELIVE THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION IS CORRECT. I am sick of people like Jewel and Daniel Florien , who wrote the original post Teaching Homeschool Kids About Darwin, trying to lump all homeschoolers together.

Doug Phillips is the President of Vision Forum Ministries, a popular fundamentalist Christian organization that advocates patriarchy, creationism, and homeschooling. He has eight children and encourages couples to have as many as God gives them — he thinks birth control is a sin (see “quiverfull“).

Homeschoolers are a diverse group and we don't all believe the same things. In fact some of us not only believe in birth control we use it.