Tuesday, March 04, 2014

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Guest Post - Three Tips for Great Trade Show Banners

Three Tips for Great Trade Show Banners
Have you ever wondered how to make your business really stand out among all the others at industry trade shows? How to make a first great impression and then capitalize on that great first impression? Tools and visual aids like pop up display banners are all well and good, but a little strategy for using those banners goes a long way. Here’s a few ideas.

 Establish a Goal

What are you trying to accomplish? That should be your first consideration as it will directly influence the choice of your visual aids and banners. Are you seeking new leads? Are you increasing brand awareness? Are you introducing a new product? Maybe you just want to tantalize or intrigue your audience—maybe you’re selling an idea (like an educational program) and not a product. This all plays into the kind of banners you might employ. Establish the essence of your most important message first. Experts say we only have six seconds to grab somebody’s attention at a trade show display. You must know your most important message before anything else. If you don’t know what it is, how can you expect anybody else to know it?

Grab Attention

Once you know what your goal is, your first priority is to grab the viewer’s attention. Remember those critical six seconds. If you don’t grab their attention, somebody else will. Maybe you can use some sort of optical illusion in your display; something intriguing is always a good conversation starter. Hopefully it relates to your goal. Whatever it is, it should be an attention getter. Try to remember something about great billboards or ads that caught your attention and then try to capture that quality in your display.

 Put It All Together

Don’t be a one-trick pony. Don’t just have the one great attention-grabbing ad or banner. Create an atmosphere where different banners—message delivery systems—create an environment that reinforces your main goal—product launch, lead development, or whatever. Make your messages consistent and matched by your booth’s coherent style. Make sure supporting ads or banners or media tools all have a consistent tone. Also, don’t go overboard. You can overload the customer with too many inputs and sometimes less is simply more. Some of the most effective trade displays ask a question. This can spark a conversation between you and the customer about your goal. That conversation is a very good place for you to be.

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