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Homeschoolers Leery of Bill White

With a strong homeschool supporter like Bill White running for governor, why are homeschoolers less then enthusiastic about him?

Recent comments about the dropout rate and Bill White's position on homeschooling have been dramatically distorted for political purposes.

Bill White is on the record as a strong supporter of homeschooling, and as governor he will protect the rights of parents to make educational choices for their children.

Well first he wanted  homeschoolers counted as dropouts.  Then  fearing he would lose the VOTES of homeschoolers and homeschool supporters  he came out saying he is a strong supporter of homeschooling.

In recent months, a number of reports have exposed public schools that falsify records in order present a lower than actual dropout rate. In many cases, students who have dropped out are falsely declared transfers or homeschooled students. When a public school falsely declares a child who has dropped out as a homeschool student, it hurts the credibility of all parents who choose homeschooling.

Let me get this straight. The public schools are the ones falsifying data but Bill White blames homeschoolers and says  it's their credibility that is at stake. Mr. White if you truly supported homeschooling you would place the blame where it belongs on the public schools that are falsifying data and would acknowledge that it is the public schools credibility that is hurt. After all the public schools are the ones who are lying falsifying data.

Bill White believes in accountability and results. If you care about a result, you measure and test it. Many homeschooled children in Texas are held to rigorous standards by their parents and teachers who share this belief.

The public schools are suppose to be accountable to the taxpayers who support them therefore they are measured and tested. Homeschool parents on the other hand (who do not receive tax money to support their homeschool endeavors) are not accountable to the state but it sure sounds as if Bill White wants homeschoolers TESTED, and that he wants homescoolers to be accountable to the state.

I can see why homeschooler in Texas are leery of Bill White. He certainly doesn't sound like a homeschool supporter to me.

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