Thursday, November 03, 2005

Peak Halloween Party

I have really enjoyed being a member of Peak, and the Halloween Party Monday, October 31st, allowed me to meet some of the people I have been e-mailing face to face. I had a great time, hopefully my guest did too. I hope we will be able to do a field trip or get together again soon.
Peter Anderson Festival
I am planning to go to the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs Saturday, after Sean's soccer game, time and weather permitting. I am just so thankful they are having it this year. Since there is a lack of motel rooms local people are putting artist up in their homes.
A fellow homeschooler just told me about this wonderful resource for homeschool Mom's, and I thought I would share it with you. An e-magazine for homeschooling Mom's it covers everything from menu planning to homeschooling

Monday, October 31, 2005

by Frank Delaney
I enjoyed his tale immensely. First we have the family the story is about John & Alison O'Mara and their son (or is he?) Ronan, and Alison's sister Kate who lives with them. The family has 2 secrets and as this is Ireland everyone except Ronan seems to know them.
On Halloween (ironical post date huh?) the storyteller comes. Nine year old Ronan and his father, John, are thrilled at his arrival. He tells his stories until Alison throws him out. Ronan spends the rest of the book (a good 10 years) looking for the storyteller. He usually just misses the storyteller, but we get to enjoy a good Irish yarn from each of his near misses. In the end the storyteller sends for Ronan as promised and Ronan learns the second of his family's secrets.
If you enjoy historical fiction and are interested in Ireland do give it a try. It's a lovely book.