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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Carnival of Homeschooling #157

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Daily News puts homeschooling in the headline

Tragically another child died of abuse at the hands of his Mother. Unfortunately the Daily News used his death to vilify homeschooling. Should homeschooling be in the headline? Mother charged with beating obese son to death: I homeschooled to spare boy fat taunts. Would the headline have read Mother charged with beating obese son to death: I sent him to public school so he could get used to fat taunts if he had attended public school? I don't think so.

They make a big deal out of the fact she filled out the necessary paperwork to homeschool. They are less concerned with the fact that
Sekulski was in Manhattan Family Court yesterday, where a judge dismissed a 2005 warrant on a visitation case involving Jaquan. Details of the case were not available Monday.

So apparently the courts were involved with this family but failed to protect the child
"She said her son was too fat for school - she could do a better job with him at home. He didn't have anyone around to help him," a police source said. Neighbors said they never saw Jaquan.

No one around to help, what about the neighbors. She lived in an apartment surly they heard the beatings. And shouldn't the fact they never saw him have raised red flags. Seems there were plenty of people around to help, but no one did.

And of course there are the ignorant comments
cliffdonovan Dec 30, 2008 1:02:02 AM Report Offensive Post she probably home schooled him so she could get some monies coming in from somewhere for people who homeschool their children. like
funding or whatever. becasue your child isn't being taught at the public schools, they shouldn't get money for him, so where else does the money go? you can tell this nutjob never homeschooled her son a day in his life. she was too busy abusing him. and who for a minute thinks she filled out those papers by herself? there are organizations to help people fill them out.

Homeschoolers do not get money for homeschooling their children, and as far as I know there are no organizations to help you fill out the paperwork.

This boy did not die because he was homeschooled. He died because CPS dropped the ball, he died because the neighbors didn't get involved, shame on the Daily News for implying that homeschooling was to blame.