Friday, July 21, 2017

Tullis-Toledano Manor of Biloxi, Mississippi 2002

Very few historic homes in the United States have borne the Tullis name. One of the few that did was the Tullis-Toledano Manor in Biloxi, Mississippi. The home was built in 1856 by Christoval Toledano as a present for his bride, Matilde Pradat. It was considered a striking example of Greek Revival architecture.

It had a breathtaking view of the beach.

The archaeological dig we were lucky enough to participate in was more interested in what lay beneath the grounds. Imaging equipment allowed the archeologist to see that the manor was built on the site of an Indian village surrounded by a moat.

We helped catalog the items found.

The caretakers of Tullis-Toledano Manor were nice enough to let us tour the house during our lunch break. The parlor was beautiful.

After the tour it was time to get back to work.

Sean and I found a job in the shade. This contraption was used to shift shovelfuls of dirt for artifacts.

More artifacts for Sean to catalog.

We had some time to just goof off.

Tullis-Toledano Manor was completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005  I feel privileged not only to have gotten to tour the house but to have had the opportunity to work on an archaeological dig there before it was destroyed.