Friday, September 30, 2005

Where Did September Go???
I was reading a blog by a fellow homeschooler and she had gotten her days confused, understandable in Katrina's aftermath, but after reading her blog I realized I had misplaced a WHOLE MONTH!
Where did September go..............................
There was the weeks without power when one day seemed to blend seamlessly into another. Instead of Monday, Tuesday, Wed etc. I had the day I went to a friends house to do laundry, the day I got my hair cut, the day the Public Library was open, etc.
Once power was restored it seems like I have been playing catch up. Catch up on the housework, catch up on homeschooling (while Sean did an excellent job keeping up with his school work, I didn't fair as well with keeping things printed out- I discovered you have to have electricity to run the scanner and printer LOL), catch up on emailing friends etc., I think I may have actually caught up today.
And now today I realized that tomorrow is October 1st. Where did September go????