Sunday, July 10, 2005

Home Schools Run By Caring Parents

As a homeschool Mother I found Dave Arnold’s article “Home Schools Run By Well-Meaning Amateurs” insulting. What are Mr. Arnold’s credentials? He is head custodian at Brownstown Elementary School in Southern Illinois. So where does a janitor get off thinking he knows what is best for my child, or anyone else's? Maybe HE doesn’t have the skills necessary to homeschool; but I and many other homeschool parents certainly do.

There are many resources available to homeschool parents. If we don’t know enough about a certain subject we are free to engage tutors for our children, enter co-op arrangements with other homeschool parents, find on-line resources, etc. After all the one thing all homeschool parents have in common is we want the best education possible for our children. I am sure it would surprise Mr. Arnold no end to know that some homeschool parents are retired schoolteachers, who have seen first hand what an abysmal failure the public school system is.

And not all public school teachers are fit to teach. My fourth grade teacher was verbally abusive, my eleventh grade English Teacher didn’t know proper grammar, ask around most people know at least one public school teacher that has no business teaching.

Homeschooling isn’t as difficult as it looks. All you need are organizational skills, and a desire to do what is best for your child. A mega dose of patience helps. After all who knows your child best you are some stranger who has 25 or more other kids in their class to worry about?

Socialization, gee I thought I was sending my kids to school to get an education? Most public schools no longer allow their students to talk in the halls or to talk at lunch so exactly when are these students suppose to be socializing?? There are many opportunities for children to socialize besides schools; recreational sports, church youth groups, and Scouts are just some groups your children can be involved in. And many homeschoolers belong to homeschool groups that get together for park days and field trips. With IM students can even pass notes in class, even if their fellow classmate lives in another city.

Considering what an abysmal failure today’s public schools are doing educating our children parents have every right to seek the best education for their children; rather it’s a private school or homeschooling.