Sunday, January 29, 2012


I recently ran into a annoying snot of an anonymous commenter. Their views were sacrosanct and of course CORRECT while my opinion was insulting. The whole purpose of exchanging ideas is that each person gets to express their views and beliefs. You don't have to accept the other persons position BUT they have as much right to express their beliefs as you do. If you want to call evolution SILLY, that is your right. Do I think your position is WRONG, yes I do but I would never insist that you change your views to suit me. On the other hand I have every right to express my view that the Bible is a collection of myths and fairy tales especially on my own blog. If you don't like it the solution is simple, don't visit my blog and kindly refrain from sending me threatening emails insisting that I have to retract my views to please you.


to my reading list For the Cause of Liberty : A Thousand Years of Irelands Heroes.