Friday, September 16, 2005

Home School Non-Discrimination Act of 2005

This bill seems to have generated a lot of controversy. HSLDA supports it and actually helped draft the bill. Many other homeschoolers oppose it. I urge you to read the bill for yourself, consider the consequences and make you own informed decision.

Article on HONDA
Link to Home Education Magazine

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hurricane Katrina
We have been blessed. Our little community of Latimer; escaped from Katrina almost unscathed. Minor roof damage, trees uprooted. But as of today September 15th our lives are back to normal, all services have been restored. I don't think I will ever take hot baths for granted again, and boy is it nice to be able to get online and catch up with friends and family. For awhile I felt pretty isolated up here.
It's sad going into Ocean Springs and seeing the things that are missing. Our favorite eating spot in St. Martin Sicily's Pizza received severe damage. Phonecian's in Ocean Springs also suffered extensive damage. But the beauty shop where I get my hair fixed Today's Hair in Ocean Springs on Government Street was open for business and I am now sporting a new "shorter" hairdo. Aunt Jenny's, which is right on the water is open for business and serving delicious food as always. And thankfully St. Martin Public Library has reopened. What's a homeschooler to do without a library? (pull her hair out that's what). And then there are my friends who have lost their homes. My heart bleeds for them, and other friends whose homes are still standing but received severe damage. I just wish there was something I could do for them.
Jonathan, started back to college Wed., and poor Sean never got out of school. We took our school books with us when we evacuated (Yeah, I know I am a slave driver). Actually Sean didn't mind, when everyone else was cleaning up the yard he had the perfect excuse "I have school work to do!". So school wise we are back on track.
Soccer is temporally on hold. We will be rescheduling games soon, and Sean's U16 team will start practicing Saturday, September 17th.
There are a lot of friends I haven't heard from yet. If you get a chance send me an email, or post to this blog so I will know you are ok. The phone is finally working again so I'll start making phone calls trying to track everyone I can down.