Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Meet the Idiot Andrew Kardon

I guess poor Andrew's wife doesn't have job security as a public school teacher so her husband had to write a post Parents Who Homeschool Aren't Qualified to Teach Their Kids bashing homeschoolers. One can only wonder about the stupidity of writing a post about a subject that you know nothing about, while claiming that even though you don't understand how something works you are enough of an expert to say that the people who do know how homeschooling works aren't qualified to do it.

 Kardon says "but I really have no clue how homeschooling works", and as his post demonstrates he made no effort to find out. Mr Kardon, it usually behooves one to  do some research and find out how something works before criticizing it. I am sure you completely missed this salient fact but your wife spent a lot of time learning how to control a class of 25 pupils or more, homeschool parents on the other hand are working one on one with their children. Homeschooling is nothing like teaching in a public school and the same "skills" aren't required. Having both done substitute teaching in the public schools as well as homeschooling my kids I feel qualified to compare the two.

Kardon then goes into the "social aspect". Honestly people I thought that myth had been laid to rest decades ago. Homeschooled children find plenty of opportunities to socialize with their peers. There are homeschool groups, recreational sports teams, and various community organizations that homeschoolers take part in.

One of the benefits of homeschooling is that children can move at their own pace and fully master a subject before moving on to the next one. Homeschooling allowed my eldest son to start college at 16.

Kardon ask "Do you think parents should need credentials to homeschool their kids?" NO!!!!! But I am beginning to think we should require some sort of credentials before we allow ignoramuses to write post on subjects they know nothing about. Maybe Mr. Kardon you can ask your wife how to research a subject before you write a post about it. Surly all those hours she spent studying to become a teacher should qualify her to teach you some simple research skills.