Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fruitcake anyone?

From henceforth I will simply refer to him (Obama) as the Usurper, until such time as he produces a valid birth certificate.

Since President Elect Obama has already produced a valid birth certificate the continued railing of the fruitcakes claiming that he isn't a citizen is ludicrous.

But this post highlights what a fruitcake this guy really is What Obama Can Do to Win Me Over , in short he advocates legalizing drugs and arming all citizens. Drugs and guns what a destructive mix this fruitcake wants, and he thinks Obama would be bad for the country. I am just thankful Mr. Fruitcake isn't in charge.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who Decides What America Reads?...

Who Decides What America Reads?...Thankfully not Carmen Rockett. Mrs. Rockett is upset that libraries are not packed full of books supporting Creationism and Christianity.

Carmen Rockett states

77 percent of Americans consider themselves Christians. That means that 77 percent of the taxpayers in this country hold these Christian values. Library collections simply do not reflect the flavor of the American public, nor do they indicate that our tax dollars are being spent in a way with which we agree.

This simply isn't true. While I consider myself a Christian I believe in EVOLUTION and enjoy reading popular literature. I have no wish to read biographies of Christians like Fanny J. Crosby. The library is jammed packed with books I do want to read. Therefore my tax money is being spent in a way that I agree with. Carmen Rockett is foolish to assume that everyone who identifies themselves as Christian is only interested in the same literature she is.

Rockett goes on to ask "Should homeschooling parents today care?"

Frankly this isn't a homeschooling issue. Carmen Rockett apparently likes to make assumptions Mrs. Rockett assumes that all Christians share her taste in literature and that all homeschoolers are Christians. Nothing could be further from the truth. Homeschoolers are a diverse group with many different beliefs represented within the homeschooling community.

Libraries have limited resources not only to buy books but to shelve them. Therefore it is their duty to buy the books that the largest majority of patrons wish to read. Very few people would wish to read the books Mrs. Rockett wants to force on libraries. Thankfully she isn't in charge of deciding what I get to read.

Here are some tips for using your local library.

  • As Mrs. Rockett points out you can ask your librarian to order a particular book.
  • If a book you wish to read isn't available at your local library ask if they can do an Interlibary Loan.

At least Mrs. Rockett isn't advocating censoring the books that I wish to read, but by pushing them off the selves in favor of the books she prefers she would be narrowing my choices and the choices of many other taxpaying Americans.