Friday, May 16, 2008

I want the mural to stay

Bastrop resident Lauren Hansell, who made the original complaint, homeschools her children but visits the school on Fridays to pray with students at the flagpole.

A Christian, Hansell said she wants the mural removed because of the war and slavery scenes and depictions of Buddha and ancient gods. Hansell said girl's basketball coach Dee Deshay pointed out the mural as a potential problem.

As a homeschooler I am appalled by this woman's attitude and hope the mural stays. This commenter says it best.

KGruetzner wrote:
The paper only showed two representations of the mural, the side with Shiva and Buddha (and other HISTORICAL artifacts), and the side with Bastrop's history. They failed to print a picture of the huge dove with an olive branch in its mouth that is right in the center of the mural. Is that not a Christian symbol?I'm a student at Bastrop High, and am outraged that the only representation of fine arts that we have is raising so much controversy. This woman needs to open her mind. Art is all about perception, and two ignorant womens perceptions shouldn't be enough to get rid of a piece of art that has been with us for 5 years.

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