Monday, May 12, 2008

Don't they have anything better to do

I really have to wonder why public school Mom's spend so much time discussing homeschoolers. Don't they have anything better to do with their time? Don't they have anything more interesting to discuss? Apparently not, how sad.

From grovestreet's Adult Children of Homeschool

A few of my girlfriends chose to respect the decision of the homeschool moms but most sided with me, of course. They, also shared, that they would never say how they truly felt to another homeschool mom. Keep your friends close but enemies closer… wink, wink.

It's nice to know that some public school parents are open minded enough to respect other parents decisions. I am totally bewildered why grovestreet's girlfriends would consider homeschool parents their enemies. Sure we choose a different way to educate our children, but it doesn't mean we can't get along and still be friends. In fact most of my friends do send their children to public school, but they respect my decision to homeschool. In fact some of them make no secret that they envy my being able to homeschool.

The main concern was socialization. Of course, we discussed how many children of homeschool familes are included, in our baseball team, cub scouts, swimming, ballet, kindermusik(lots of homeschoolers, there), etc. I asked the question, how well do you know these children and have they been invited for playdates? Sure, was the answer from four moms, myself included. What was their opinion? One of my girlfriends(I will call her Lynn) said, how she stopped making dates with the one homeschool mom because the mom made her feel like her calendar was so filled, that a playdate was almost always a chore. Lynn made the comment “When does this woman have time to teach her children, if they go to kindermusik three days a week, then run to piano, and various other scheduled events; they are always on the go . It sounds like, she is trying too hard to make sure her children are socialized.”

So it's OK for Lynn a public school Mom to enroll her children in LOTS of outside activities; but how dare a homeschool Mom take advantage of the same opportunities. What BS............And frankly considering the attitude of these women I am not surprised the homeschool Mom in question wasn't thrilled about arranging play dates with this woman's children.

Other comments began to fly, “My children need time away from home…” “My child needs to learn to be independant and learn how to be responsible outside the home.” “How can a child spread their wings, if I am controlling every move and decided what activities all the time, every day of the week, every hour of the day.”

Obviously these women aren't too bright are they would realize that homeschooled children spend plenty of time away from home and away from their parents. Our children have plenty of opportunities to be independent and responsible. In fact many homeschoolers hold after school jobs.

Apparently someone hurt poor grovestreets feelings cause she went on to post this rant, Should I homeschool?.

Anybody who may be on the fence about sending your currently homeschooled child to a public or private school… it is O.K. to put your child in school, it is a good thing and you are welcome to join us. We will treat you with kindness (unlike these defensive, poor decision makers) and together we will plan many fun gatherings for our children in our PTA. There will be no need to defend yourself to someone like me who thinks you are damaging your childs social skills.

Well honestly I don't see any reason to defend myself to someone like grovestreet. In my opinion she is an idiot. The only reason I am bothering to respond is so that those who read her drivel will have a chance to read an opposing viewpoint and not just the nonsense she is spouting.

I think these homeschool groups and individuals are nuts and the more you contact me, the more defensive you are. It just validates my opinion. I feel you have no business homeschooling your child. Trust me… my opinion should not be broken up and discussed in your blog.

In other words she should be free to say mean vicious things about homeschoolers but how dare we respond. Sorry honey it doesn't work that way. As long as you choose to post about homeschoolers we are free to tell the world what an idiot you are as you haven't got a clue what you are talking about. And in my opinion someone as angry and narrow minded as grovestreet doesn't have any business having kids.

I guess you do it to make yourself feel better. Less is more. You should GO and Teach your kids…. rather than wasting your time on the computer. At least, I know that my kids are learning while I waste my time here!

Which makes me wonder why she is wasting her time posting about homeschoolers in the first place. Could it be that she feels guilty about sending her child to public school? Is she bashing homeschoolers in order to justify sending her child to public school?

BTW, Why would I care, if a group of individuals who disagree with my opinions, would take me seriously. Of course, you wouldn’t.

Well if she actually did some research before forming an opinion maybe she wouldn't get dismissed as a gonzo blogger.

OR Just maybe some of you will pay attention to my views because crazier things have happened as in the case of many Republicans switching over to the Democratic playing field. How about that!
This was never meant for you anyway…this was meant for anyone newly considering the idea.

Nope, I don't think there is a chance of anyone paying attention to her ill formed views. Especially when she comes off sounding like an angry B****

Guilty pleasure: I just couldn’t help myself to read all your chatter and newly created blogs about my opinions. ( I am secretly flattered and giddy) BUT now, I can no longer be bothered. I’m BORED with you. I have said my feelings and will continue to, albeit gonzo, narrative, descriptive(whatever writing style I choose)….because the world is filled with people who may listen to what I have to say. Scary, huh.
Sooooo, You will all be excited to know and it will give you more to talk about when I tell you that…All homeschoolers opinions of my opinions will be deleted, I have no interest in YOU or what you have to say. You have too much time on your hands. Besides, at this point, you will never change my opinion.

What a hypocritical B****, as she left a comment on MY BLOG, but any comment I might leave on hers will be deleted. That statement alone proves what an immature, narrow minded, bigoted person she is. Some of us actually enjoy discussing issues and learning from others. Even those with opposing view points.

Get a job and put the kids in school!

Grovestreet get a job and stop blogging!!!!

Anger- sarcasm “whatever”. Anyone looking for logical reasons— trust an educational system that has produced many fine Americans over the last 100 years. I do not need to provide logical reasons…..THIS IS MY OPINION. Do you understand what an opinion is?

Actually homeschooling has produced as many fine Americans as the public school system. Successful & Famous People That Were Homeschooled.

Opinion-An opinion is a person’s ideas and thoughts towards something. It is an assessment, judgment or evaluation of something. An opinion is not a fact, because opinions are either not falsifiable, or the opinion has not been proven or verified. If it later becomes proven or verified, it is no longer an opinion, but a fact.

Thankfully most people at least research a subject before forming an opinion and posting nonsense about it.

Sorry, this blog seems so self indulgent but these homeschoolers blogs about my opinions are proving my point they are uneducated and too unstable to being educating our future leaders. Besides -A homeschool diploma does not carry much weight in the business world….so I am learning.

REALLY!!!! A homeschool diploma can get you into any University in America. With a BS, BA, or Ph. D. the business world could care less if you were homeschooled. As for being uneducated grovestreet should run spell check on her own material before throwing that particular accusation at anyone else. And jeez grovestreet doesn't have a logical reason for her opinion so she will resort to calling homeschoolers unstable, what a laugh.

You can now call me a liar..too. I still feel the need to read your blogs. And re-edit my amateurish blogs.

And why on earth does she feel the need to read our blogs? And to answer her question Should I homeschool? Until you learn to do some basic research before forming an opinion, definitely NOT. On the other hand if you grow up, learn to listen to differing viewpoints, learn to respect others views and decisions then you will be welcomed into the homeschooling community.


  1. I've got to wonder how old she is. She's pretty much displayed all the traits she's trying to pin on homeschoolers but doesn't seem to be much on the self-reflection that would reveal that fact. Plus, she's right and entitled to be right, damn it! Any criticism is seen as an attack rather then a chance to re-examine views.

    Regardless, seems like she's got some maturing to do.

  2. She does seem very immature. I am wondering if she is 20 something with possibly a kindergartner.

    And what's with this us v them mentality of her and her girlfriends. I certainly don't consider parents who choose to send their children to public or private school enemies. In fact I know some homeschoolers who have one child attending public school for various reasons while they homeschool the others.

  3. She's almost as much fun as cmf.

  4. Yeah, now that you mention it she does remind me of cmf.

  5. I have been reading some of her drivel and to be honest I feel sorry for her and her children. Not becuse she doesn't homeschool her children but because she is such a judgemental person and feels so bad about her decisions she has to put other's down. I really hope her children grow up knowing what compassion is. Becasue I don't think they will be learning it from her. Sad really.

  6. You are right Jody.

    I would never criticize someone for sending their child to public school. I assume that the child's parents know what is best for their child and their family. So I am totally mystified why so many public school parents feel the need to criticize homeschoolers.

    She also seems to lack socialization skills.

  7. You know I think it really has to do with the fear of the unknown. You and I know what public school is like. Granted not everyone has the same experiences but we know what public school is. People that haven't been around homeschoolers a lot or get misinformation feel threatened by the "unknown". What they are afraid of exactly I don't know but it's there just the same. we know the choices out there and we have chosen ours. So we know each parent wants to do what is right for their children whether it be homeschooling or sending them to public/private school. So we don't have that fear of the "unknown" like other's might. Not saying all public/private school parents feel threatened but I bet they have done a little more research or known other's who have chosen different paths.

    Funny how public schools are supposed to teach being tolerant and yet it doesn't seem she has learned that yet hmm.

  8. Hey, maybe we should point her in the direction of GL's blog! LOL! They seem to have a lot in common.

  9. Jody,

    I think you hit the nail on the head. They are afraid of the unknown and instead of learning about it they just want to stamp it out of existence so they won't have to be afraid anymore.

    It's been my experience that public schools cater to those who do not like diversity. They can't stand for someone to dress different then they do, so they demand mandatory public school uniforms. After all if they are happy wearing khaki slacks and a maroon polo everyday, everyone else should be thrilled to wear it too. How dare someone want to wear a green polo instead.

  10. I just went to her blog and she deleted her most recent post that was a link to this post saying you'd seriously crossed the line and used profanity. HUH? There were 2 or 3 really short comments (from the same person) saying something like they didn't get what she (grove street) was so mad about. The whole post, not just the comments, was deleted.

  11. I am not surprised, not June Cleaver. She seemed to think that she was ENTITLED to say whatever she wanted about others, but that nobody should criticize her. And she didn't seem to get how OFFENSIVE some of the comments she made about homeschoolers were.

  12. OK, she brought back the post (albeit a completely edited version of it) but no comments there. She linked to your blog and Dana's blog and to a third blog that I'd not seen before (thanks Grove Street, I like finding new homeschooling blogs to read).

    Anyway, she seems to think that when she posts something, that's that. But she's a new blogger, so really just needs to learn that comments and links are what blogs are all about. Rather than taking over the comments on someone else's blog, you link to the post and tell your story/post your views. I think it is silly that she calls that bashing and extreme. I also think, based on what she writes, that she doesn't quite understand what a discussion is.

    I'd post this on her site, but since she deletes comments from us, why bother.

  13. Based on her comments on other blogs and her post she seems VERY INVESTED in making everyone send their kids to public school like she does or at least to a private school. She really seems to have a problem with parental rights, educational choices ect. And she doesn't seem to understand that those of us who choose to homeschool aren't her enemies and we could care less about the educational choice she made for her kids. I don't think everyone should homeschool, even though it has been a wonderful experience for my family.

    I too appreciate the link to the third homeschool blogger. It's nice to find a new blog


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