Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We Never Forget by Linda Dobson

In the May- June 2008 Issue of Home Education Magazine, Linda Dobson has written a heartfelt article, We Never Forget. She writes about a recent gathering where the topic of discussion was school horror stories. She writes: Forty-even fifty years later- and we can recount school-related humiliation as if it happened yesterday. We haven’t forgotten.

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  1. And she's absolutely right- which is why I continue to be surprised when a parent opposes home schooling because kids won't have 'the school experience'. Where did they go to school? For me, school sucked like a Hoover. The things that I was taught there that I enjoyed, like speech and debate, are opportunities that I can still provide from home, without all the muss and fuss.

  2. I had many, many good teachers. I had some outstanding ones BUT they didn't make up for the one verbally abusive 4th grade teacher that totally destroyed my self esteem.

  3. I had more crummy teachers than good ones- my K teacher put me in a corner by myself because I could read, add, and subtract, and she often embarrassed me because I was such a smart kid, but couldn't master shoe-tying. My 1st grade teacher smacked kids around, my 4th-6th grade teachers must have been related to my K teacher, because I spent alot of time in the school library alone doing books they got for me from the local jr. high. Don't even get me started on the private school I attended. One teacher, bless his heart, was senile, but they didn't let him go until he started wetting his pants in front of his classes. My social studies teacher was hard of hearing, and my chemistry teacher/basketball coach came to class so seldom that I taught the class. Everyone passed, of course.

    This explains why I am allergic to school. I keep saying I am going to fake a breakdown and get myself on Oprah. :p


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