Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wow! - 57 Unique Benefits of Homeschooling

Check out Wow! - 57 Unique Benefits of Homeschooling written by Joel Turtel


  1. Oh that's awesome. Let's break this down:

    1-10 basically boils down to baby your children

    11-20 are basically the above with an excuse for parents to be lazy.

    21-30 are more of the above

    31-40 more babying with religious brainwashing included. Someone should also tell this author that failing is a way to learn.

    41-50 more coddling with added state bashing and conspiracy nonsense.

    50-57 even more coddling nonsense as well as excuses to slack off.

    No wonder homeschooling has a bad reputation.

  2. I hardly consider spending time with your family, setting your own schedule, taking vacations when it's convenient for you, choosing curriculum that best suits the needs of your child, and being totally aware of the state and progress of your child's education
    babying your child. In fact most people would consider that good parenting. I know tons of public school families that haven't taken a vacation together in years because when the parents have time off the kids are stuck in public school. So Mom & Dad go off and vacation without them.

    And shouldn't learning be FUN? Shouldn't we strive to instill a love of learning in children?
    9. Make learning fun
    10. Make learning as "experiential" as you want

    Your comments on 11-20 show you don't understand homeschooling at all. Teaching to your child's learning style isn't being lazy it's being a good teacher. Also numerous studies have been done that show children need more sleep and that they LEARN better when they are well rested. Homeschooling allows you to teach your children when they are well rested and ready to learn. And I fail to see what your beef with teaching your child real life skills 21-30 is. I know public school kids that can't make change or balance a checkbook. Why? because they were never taught how to do that in public school. But they are real life skills that they need. I also know public school kids that have no clue how to cook, clean or do laundry; yet when they have their own place these are skills they will need.

    Only #31 mentioned religion so I would hardly label 31-40 religious brainwashing. Many homeschoolers myself included are secualr homeschoolers who do not homeschool for religious reasons. Developing the individualism and unique potential of your child is hardly babying your child it's rearing a child to become a healthy adult.

    41-50 I hardly call ensuring your child doesn't end up graduating without knowing how to read or knowing other basic skills, due to educational failings of your local schools, babying your child and bashing the public schools as I know far to many public school graduates who are illiterate, or read and write far below their grade level. Parents have a duty to ensure their children receive the best education possible, sometimes that means homeschooling.

    As for 51 - 57 everyone should teach their children to enjoy life and learning. You only have one life you should make the most of it.

  3. Be careful about feeding trolls, Alasandra, unless your shots are up-to-date. :p

  4. Thanks for the warning Sunniemom, IF I disappear you will know what happened to me.


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