Wednesday, April 23, 2008

home school families do not accept government funding

Homeschooling and Public School at Home explains The Conflict between Parental Rights and “No Child Left Behind”?

She also does a great job explaining why it important for those of us who engage in traditional homeschooling to separate ourselves from those who do public schooling at home.

In the necessity of keeping the public funds flowing, families who have chosen public school at home options should be willing to make the case that their option is public schooling albeit in the home, and that they are willing to be accountable for their government funds.

In order to preserve the freedom of educating children apart from public schooling, it is important to keep reminding government, the media and the general public that since home school families do not accept government funding they are not under the same accountability requirements as those who enroll their children in public school at home programs.

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  1. Wait a second. Are people seriously suggesting it's a good idea to let homeschool parents teach kids whatever they want? No wonder there's so many religious loons in your country.


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