Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I am now a lady of leisure as I am not certified to do anything

I often wonder if these people ever realize how absurd their arguments for requiring teacher certification of homeschooling parents are. Maybe I should stop cooking healthy nutritious meals for my family. After all I am not a certified chef or a certified dietitian, therefore I can't possibly do an adequate job cooking meals for my family. Oh I better tell my husband to call a plumber the next time we have a plumbing issue, since he isn't a certified plumber. I should also tell him to stop working on our automobiles and lawn mowers since he isn't a mechanic and I guess the greenhouse he designed and built for me will have to go. After all he isn't an architect and doesn't work in construction. Hey maybe we should require people to be certified to do laundry and clean houses. In which case I am now unqualified to do any house work, so I can spend more time in my butterfly garden. Oh wait, I don't have a certification in horticulture so I guess I am unqualified to weed the flowerbeds. I am now officially a lady of leisure.

HT: The Common Room: Some People Commit Crimes, So Investigate Everybody


  1. Giggle! I guess I'd better stop trying to our taxes, I'm not a CPA!

    Thanks for the laugh!


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