Thursday, April 03, 2008

CLC has no interest in changing homeschooling laws

The CLC, which argued against the rehearing, is preparing its arguments, too.
"From our perspective, the CLC had no interest in changing or impacting the law regarding children who are home-schooled by loving, caring parents who are assumed to want to and are capable of protecting their children and providing for their children's best interests," Ms. Heimov said.

But in situations where parents are not protecting their children — as is the case with this family, in her view — "it is paramount" that society step in and protect these children, she said. "That's what this case was about."

This seems to be a no brainer, the court should have made a narrow ruling that only applied to the family in question. Instead they made a sweeping ruling that applied (or seemed to) to all homeschoolers. And it seems to be that the best thing for the children would be for them to be REMOVED from this abusive situation.

They and their nine children have been involved with the child-welfare system for 20 years, owing to accusations of physical abuse by the father and sexual molestation of several daughters by a male family friend whom the parents permitted to come around.

No child should have to endure physical and sexual abuse. One can only wonder WHY the child welfare system has allowed it to go on for 20 years.

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