Monday, March 10, 2008

Ignorant College Editorial About Homeschooling

TITAN EDITORIAL: Ignorant education
Homeschooling advocates, headed mainly by Christian zealots, are calling for Gov. Schwarzenegger's protection of their fundamental right to teach their children to be bigots and idiots.

Obviously the Editorial Board is composed of bigots and idiots, with poor writing skills. Go read the article and comments and see for yourself.


  1. That was a terrible editorial. It doesn't even sound like they researched anything. I've read blogs by teenagers that are better writers.

    It kind of scares me how many people think that without a teaching credential or degrees I wouldn't be capable of teaching my own children, ya know if I had any.
    Hope these people never get into power, I am without a bachelor's.

  2. I do hope we are able to keep these people out of power their ignorance is frightening.

    My husband and I have been discussing the lack of research and poor grammar in our local paper. Apparently college journalism classes aren't what they used to be. My eldest son who is in college said his Tech Writing teacher even complained about the bad grammar and misspellings found in his college newspaper

  3. I see the same issues in my local paper. Don't get me wrong, I know I make plenty of mistakes in comments and blog posts. I am not a great writer by any stretch of the imagination. On the other hand, I am not being paid for it and I place emphasis on research and knowing what I write about.

    Chalk it up to a college professor who told me that if I couldn't convincingly and reasonably argue a position from both sides that I probably didn't know what I was talking about.

  4. Sounds like a smart man. I had an American History teacher in High School who said the same thing. He had us debate issues in his class, and it was one of the most enjoyable classes I had.


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