Sunday, October 08, 2006

Musings From Other Blogs on Homeschooling Issues
Corn and Oil has two terrific post on the problems with public school at home. She points out that "real" homeschoolers do not want to become public school at homers.
Homeschoolers are actually wanting to maintain our family autonomy of privately funded (families) and privately overseen (parents) education for our kids. Homeschoolers can have a loud grassroots voice too; when they want to be heard. We don’t have the same concerns as the CTU, for sure, as this is just ignorant coming from an educator. (That would be teaching the abc’s and 123’s, as I understood the public school mission)
The second post ask Who's Watching Out for Homeschoolers?
Family Education has a post on Social Skills and Homeschooling that homeschooling parents should find very reassuring.
The homeschoolers scored as "well adjusted." In one study, trained counselors viewed videotapes of mixed groups of homeschooled and schooled children at play. The counselors didn't know the school status of each child. The results? The homeschooled kids demonstrated fewer behavioral problems. Dr. Lines' conclusion?
"There is no basis to question the social development of homeschooled children."

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