Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Hack from Alasandra @ Home~schoolers Rule

The New York Times on the Web Learning Network offers daily lesson plans. While some of these plans have to be altered for homeschool use, they have provided interesting topics for us to discuss. Some lesson plans I found of interest.

Both Home and School on the Range
It allows students to investigate the notion of homeschooling. Related article On-Line Courses Have Given a New Impetus to the Home-Schooling Movement .
We used this lesson plan to define what we consider homeachooling to be, we talked about the pros and cons of public, private and homeschools, and we talked about how public charter schools are misleading people by calling themselves homeschools.
Student Violence in America's Schools
We used these articles to start a discussion on why we think these students resorted to violence, and we talked about accountability. We also discussed how homeschoolers aren't immune from violence in their lives. Spunky had an interesting post on the Amish School Shooting, and how homeschooling doesn't guard us from all evil.
If you like Crossword puzzles check out the Fifty States.
As a Tolkien fan I loved Old Hobbits Are Hard to Break where we explored how films are marketed on the web.
For those of you trying to increase your students vocabulary's be sure to check out The Word of the Day.If you are up for a challenge try The Test Prep Question of The Day.
Either visit The Learning Network archives for some great lesson plan ideas or sign up for the daily lesson plan emails, either way you will be a winner. Hope you enjoyed the hack.

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