Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Once Upon a Time ........
Ladies never worked outside the home. If a lady found herself without a male protector she was restricted to earning a living by the few jobs that were deemed suitable for women; governess, seamstress etc.. Needless to say women were not allowed to vote.
Then along came such women as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton to name a few. And women not only gained the right to vote, they achieved the ability to pursue whatever career they wanted. But honestly long before Anthony and Stanton came on the scene other women were showing the world how capable women were; Elizabeth I showed the world a woman could rule as well as a man, Jane Austen and George Eliot were busy writing books, and Sophie Germain was an important French mathematician.
But now women were free to become doctors, lawyers, bankers and politicians without overcoming huge obstacles first, surprisingly some women choose to stay home and raise a family. But since all women were free to choose what path in life they wanted to follow everyone lived happily ever after, right?
No, boo hiss....... Linda R. Hirshman insist that all women must work outside the home to be fulfilled. That women who choose to give up their careers to raise a family are making a mistake. Sorry Ms. Hirshman, but it's just as wrong to tell a woman she can't stay at home and raise her children as it was to force all women to stay home and raise children.

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