Saturday, June 01, 2013

The Romeike's Should be Deported

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because my cat likes to sit on the keyboard when I am typing. It's hard enough to keep British English and American English sorted out, but when you add the helpful paws of Socks to the mix you come up with some really interesting words, not to mention misplaced commas.

I know my post is probably going to be unpopular amongst the Christian Homeschooling segment, but honestly H$LDA had no business bringing them here in the first place. They are not being PERSECUTED, they are being told they need to follow the same laws as all other German Citizens. If they do not like their countries laws regarding education they need to work with like minded people to get the laws changed, not flee to America, Germany is a Democracy by the way.  Also they were FREE to move to any other country in the European Union and homeschool but instead they were paid by Mike Donnelly (attorney HSLDA) to come here and stir up controversy for HSLDA.  And I can't help wonder if HSLDA would be as interested in championing this German family if they were Muslims who wished to Homeschool. I think not because as most Homeschoolers know HSLDA only supports married, Christian Homeschoolers from traditional families.Also if they are deported they are still FREE to go to any country in the European Union that allows homeschooling.

Why HSLDA is Wrong about Romeike v. Holder explains it much better then I can.

On May 4, 2012, the Board of Immigration Appeals overruled the immigration judge and denied the Romeikes asylum. The Board of Immigration Appeals needed to answer these questions: (1) Have the Romeikes suffered persecution? (2) If they did suffer persecution, was it because of their religion? (3) Alternatively, if they did suffer persecution, was it because of their membership in a particular social group? The Board of Immigration Appeals answered no to all these questions. First, it wasn’t persecution because the anti-homeschooling law was one of general application (not meant to target a specific group, but rather something that applied evenly across the board). Next, because there were secular reasons for the compulsory attendance law, even if it had been deemed persecution it wouldn’t have been persecution suffered because of their religion. Finally, the Board of Immigration Appeals found that German homeschoolers are not a particular social group within the meaning of the act. To be a social group, there must be “social visibility” and “particularity.” Homeschoolers are simply too “amorphous” to constitute a social group eligible for protection under the asylum law.  


  1. Thank you for writing this post from an educated standpoint, instead of an emotional one. I feel that this family has been used for HSLDA's political agenda, and were not advised in their best interest.

  2. I agree, I feel sorry for the Romeike's because I am not sure they understand how HSLDA is using them.


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