Monday, May 06, 2013

Homeschooling is a valid educational choice

Contrary to what PAUL KURIAN states Homeschooling is not lacking in any areas. Secular and inclusive homeschoolers teach their children “real” math and science. Our children socialize with other children their age in Recreational Sports Leagues (comprised of homeschoolers, publicly schooled children and privately schooled children), Boy/Girl Scouts and other community organizations.

Homeschooling offers many benefits. It allows families to spend more time together, travel when it is convenient for them (not when the public school calendar permits), and allows the children to move at their own pace and explore their interest in depth.

Homeschoolers can create an individualized curriculum for each student. Homeschooling provides an environment free of bullying, encourages individuality, and a more well-rounded personalized education.

The majority of homeschoolers are well prepared for college and enjoy successful careers upon graduating from college. The Homeschool population is comprised of families from different religious groups, ethnic groups, and social economic groups just like public school students are. Kurian’s assumption that we are "birds of same feather" couldn’t be more wrong.

Homeschooling is a valid educational choice just like public and private schools are. While homeschooling is not for every family those families who do embrace it reap many benefits.

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  1. Being with family is a very important part, specially for children. Children also have their own routine, so sometimes it is hard for them to maintain a fixed school routine. At this situation Homeschooling is a very good idea.
    And the most interesting part is same thing the children learn by Homeschooling what a children learn from school.
    So this is not different,
    Other than the children get more tome to be with family.


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