Thursday, February 09, 2012

Sheer Ignorance

The sheer ignorance in this post by Dan White at Homeschool News & Views is astounding.

Mr. White LIBERALS do have kids, we even marry and raise families just like conservatives do, and some of us even HOMESCHOOL. 

Alasandra, Liberal Former Homeschooling Mom of 2 kids and happily married for 25 years.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I found this vitriole hard to read, and it's hard to imagine that someone actually believes that load of crap. I went through part of it and then, in the interest of keeping my dinner where it was, digesting peacefully in my stomach, I closed the screen. I know that among 7 billion peopel there have got to be a few complete assholes but this one, takes the cake. Sorry for my language, and this is the first time I've EVER left a foul feedback, but ... wow.... just wow....

    feel free to delete this comment, Alasandra, but this one came from the heart, or my partly digested dinner.

  2. I felt the same way Marlis. At first I was going to take it apart piece by piece but..................... White's post just made me to angry.

  3. This individual seems mentally unstable.

  4. That's just sick. I couldn't read the whole thing closely. I got really incensed when I saw the scripture quotes though. What a misuse of holy writ. I would like to offer an apology. Not all conservative Christians are like that. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to add some Bailey's to my hot chocolate while I do my daily Bible reading with my son.

  5. Are you telling me you actually READ that crap?!!!
    Anyway, I agree with you. He's wrong.


  6. He seems a bit confused. I am a homeschooler, but not a liberal. I don't love every kid I see, or want any more than what I've got. I have also told the 2 younger kids that I have all the grandkids I want, to get dogs. And yes, this nonliberal LOVES dogs. In this house, the dogs are referred to as "babies", "your brother", "mamas little precious", ect. I have liberal friends who love all kids, have lots of them, and hate dogs. Hmmm. Perhaps he's a touch senile, and has confused the words "politicians" with "liberal"? Cause the politicians I know tend to not like anyone, regardless of age, while the liberals I know tend to like most everyone. Maybe im confused.

  7. His logic is ridiculous to the point of hilarity. I laughed most of the way through it. Just how all of his assumptions got tied all together into one dog-loving-kid-cutting-and-hating-Hummer-buying-liberal. The only thing funnier than his logic, is the sincerity with which he unloads this crap. It's just so ridiculous.


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