Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Here is a bill in Congress that will affect your rights on the web and will censor all web sites, blogs, etc.  In a nutshell :

SOPA explicitly states that companies will be liable for everything their users post. Sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Wikipedia, or any sites that allow user generated content CANNOT exist under these laws. Immediately after this bill is passed, you will see the media mafia (MPIAA, RIAA, etc) replacing websites like Wikipedia with commercialized encyclopedia software. Mainstream media outlets will not cover this bill because they are the ones lobbying for it.

If you want to know more - Google created a doc to read and inform - SOPA for Dummies.

To help you do this stop by Fight the Wall  or American Censorship and find out how to connect with your Representative!


  1. Great post! We talked a lot about SOPA this week with our boys. Not only is our homeschool curriculum online, but the hubs and I both work from home. When we say we live on the Internet, we kind of mean it, lol. It was important for us to really make sure the boys understood why we are against the SOPA/PIPA bills.

    There was a sentence floating around that was good...something to the effect of "I am against piracy, but not censorship."

    On Wednesday the 18th, when so many sites were protesting, we also had our own little protest. None of us were online for personal reasons (again, with the working...we kinda had to do some things online). No Facebook, no Twitter, no G+, no surfing and no Wikipedia, which was the hardest for me. :) None of those things for 24 hours. Throughout the week, we went to the American Censorship site and did everything we could there; signing petitions, writing congress, etc.

    If felt good to know that even though NO ONE was felt by our Internet absence, lol, we made a statement about where we stood on the matter. :D

    A computer junkie, workbook hating, TV watching, iGadget addicted, secular homeschooling, soccer mom of 2 boys.

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