Thursday, October 13, 2011

Was this really written by a homeschooler?

Homeschooling is Bad Because sounds as if it was written by one of the children of  a stereotypical Fundamentalist Homeschooler and I feel for her/him I really do, if they actually exist.  But just because this was their experience with being homeschooled doesn't mean it is everyone's. Honestly this hatchet job on homeschooling sounds as if it were made up.

Because you might have to spend the ten years after being homeschooled for 18 years recovering and trying to find out all of the things that were hidden from you. All of the things you were not allowed to know- about history, science, the world... I'm not kidding- this is MY experience. Not pushing it off on anyone else.

We choose to homeschool our children because we wanted to provide a better academic education for them then was available at the local public schoools and because we wanted them to be free to dress as individuals not forced to look like clones in mandatory public school uniforms. We certainly didn't want to hide anything from them.

And if you are doing a kick-ass job teaching your kids everything and MORE then why would you be afraid of someone checking in to make sure it's all okay. I mean, for the sake of the kids that aren't in a right situation, other homeschool families should be advocating for it. 

I did a kick ass job educating my boys, they are both doing very well in college. That said I did not want some bureaucrat telling me what I had to teach and when I had to teach it. I am sure the bureaucrat would have found some reason my eldest son couldn't start college at 16.

We don't learn how to get along by sequestering ourselves away and hiding. We don't learn how to be more open-minded. We don't learn to accept.

None of the homeschoolers I know sequester themselves. We are out in our communities often doing volunteer work and lending a helping hand. We belonged to a INCLUSIVE homeschool group, PEAK Homeschool Network,  when I was actively homeschooling.

Now I have to question WHY a site that sells homeschool curriculum would publish such nonsense. Did they do so in order to attract traffic to their site? I certainly wouldn't buy from them if that is the case.


  1. Self-education is cool, but it will never replace the full study!!!

  2. I wonder too who really wrote it? Seems like a sad and bitter person, and doesn't really reflect what I see going on in our homeschool community. Of course, in any community there are going to be off shoots who really mess up as well as people who blame everything on their parents. Either way, what a bummer.


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