Thursday, June 16, 2011

This is just stupid

Monroe County court records show that the parents of a West Amory Elementary second-grader who was unusually disciplined were awarded a $75,000 settlement from the school district.

The settlement was finalized in Monroe County Chancery Court last week.

Johnny and Regina Frederick of Wren had filed a notice of intent to sue and seek $500,000 from Amory School District and school principal Leigh Todd. 

Todd allegedly made the boy stick out his tongue March 7 as punishment for sticking out his tongue and telling a teacher to shut up. Todd was fired in April.

It is outrageous that $75,000 will be taken FROM TAXPAYERS, because a second grader was made to stick out his tongue.


  1. Yup. Common sense has left the building....

  2. Tuition at our state colleges are rising because education funding is being cut at all levels.

    Public school teachers are being laid off, classroom sizes are growing, textbooks are out of date.

    But one family is getting $75,000 of our tax money because their child was made to stick out his tongue.

    It's insane.

  3. You are right to say that "this is just stupid." It would be interesting to track the use and eventual effect that the $75,000 had on the family bringing the suit. (minus lawyer fees of course.)


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