Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not a Homeschooling Issue

When parents divorce courts are often involved in deciding things about the children, sadly this is such a case,  NH Court Upholds Order to Send Homeschooled Girl to Public School. But unless you are planning to divorce your spouse this case does not and will not affect your homeschooling freedoms.

The justices also noted that homeschooling “has become a widely used alternative to more traditional public or private schools as the vehicle for education children” in recent years.
“Courts have neither the mandate nor the expertise to determine from among these options which generally provides the most suitable education,” they said.

Homeschooling advocates praised the New Hampshire Supreme Court for adopting language that does not set a negative precedent for other homeschoolers and for recognizing that homeschooling is a viable education option in lieu of public and private schooling.

H$LDA should butt out

“While this case has religious overtones, it is not about religion. While it involves home schooling, it is not about the merits of home versus public schooling. This case is only about resolving a dispute between two parents, with equal constitutional parenting rights and joint decision-making responsibility, who have been unable to agree how to best educate daughter.”

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