Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Ham at Homeschool Convention

Ham's latest attacks got him uninvited to a Homeschool Convention.

The organization rescinded invitations for Ham to speak at homeschooling conventions next weekend in Cincinnati and in June in Philadelphia. It said in a statement:

"The Board believes that Ken’s public criticism of the convention itself and other speakers at our convention require him to surrender the spiritual privilege of addressing our homeschool audience. -

One of the core values of our convention is that we believe that good people can disagree and still be good people. We believe that Christians do not need to personally question the integrity, the intelligence, or the salvation of other Christians when debating Biblical issues. Ken has obviously felt led to publicly attack our conventions and a number of our speakers. We believe that what Ken has said and done is unChristian and sinful. A number of attendees are demanding explanations from our board and we must respond to them"

Ham's response

Ham shot back that the convention organization has hosted speakers that question literal interpretations of the Bible and write for BioLogos, a Web site that promotes Christian acceptance of scientific conclusions such as evolution. (In the past year, BioLogos writers have repeatedly sparred with Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler, who maintains that the Bible trumps the consensus of scientists. And BioLogos’ publicizing of a comment by prominent evangelical biblical scholar Bruce Waltke, showing an openness to evolution, cost Waltke his job as a professor at Reformed Theological Seminary)

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