Sunday, October 05, 2008

Public School Parents Complain About Hit List

Toriano Holloway, principal of the St. Martin 8th and 9th grades, announced over the intercom on Sept. 26 that he had a "hit list" of students he was targeting.

Edutards like this are the #1 reason I homeschool.


  1. love that term, "edutards"

  2. "Concerning the announcement, the parent said,...'I don't think he thought this thing through.'"

    Ya think?

  3. As several of the students pointed out if they came up with a hit list they would be expelled. So apparently students are suppose to THINK before they open their mouths on the other hand it's perfectly OK for the principal not to THINK first.

  4. I hear that Holloway was involved in a physical scuffle with his wife at school over a domestic issue involving his relationship with a teacher...what a sad end to his tenure...hope his bad examples educate the kids of the meaning of consequenses for such behavior...


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