Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Musings of A Homeschool Mom

Great article on Homeschooling, Homeschooling not easy, but rewards are many at The Hickory Record.

Natalie Criss wrote a parody of I Will Survive and posted it on her blog Ramblings, Rants, and Remedies. Now it's showing up at Graceful Girlhood (who even submitted it to the CoH ) with no credit being given to Natalie. Properly crediting something is very important and it's one of the things TEACHERS (be they homeschool teachers, public school or private school teachers) should strive to teach their students. Assuming that she just didn't know who to give credit to I left a comment telling her who wrote the parody, did she give Natalie credit. Nope!!!!, she just deleted my comment. What is it with these so called Christian homeschoolers using others work and refusing to give proper credit? Deborah Markus, from Secular Homeschooling Magazine had the same problem with The Bitter Homeschooler's Wish List .

At least the writer of Graceful Girlhood had the decency to take the post down since she refused to give Natalie credit for the song.

To learn how to properly share someone else's terrific post read If you want to share give the author credit.


  1. Attribution is very, very important... especially if you want to ever write a paper or a book. And since we're online and can link to things, we shouldn't have this problem.

    Just agreeing with you. Wish I had more offer [smile].


  2. Nice to hear from you Luke, and you are so right, since we are online it's very easy to link to the original.

  3. Well, Janice sent me a nasty email after I pointed out that she should probably delete the entry. She doesn't get it. Apparently everyone should be happy to be linked to the Carnival of Hatred and Unethical Deeds. I blogged about it because I couldn't comment here earlier. Now that the entry and comments are deleted, they'll all "clean" again. What happened to apologizing?

  4. Apparently when you are part of the holier then thou crowd it's OK to 'borrow' the works of inclusive or secular homeschoolers as long as you don't give them credit. When you get caught you delete the post. After all you wouldn't want your holier then thou friends to know that you read inclusive & secular homeschool blogs. They might disown you.

  5. I had left a comment at Janice's CoH letting her know Natalie wrote the song. Apparently she never approved my comment and she deleted the reference to Natalie's song rather then give her credit.

  6. Sometimes, the inability of adults to use reason and logic scares me. I have less of a problem with GG's usage of the link, and even her submitting it to the CoH, than I do with Janice's response of linking Natalie to a carnival she didn't submit a post to. Lots of "posts" and articles become sort of legendary and get reposted over and over - that doesn't bother me - it happens to me all the time. Making Natalie an unwilling part of the CoH was unethical. Apparently Natalie doesn't care now, and that's fine (way after the fact), but the truth was, she wasn't asked permission until after the link was posted. Somehow, this makes me crabby and hostile. Oh well.

  7. Oh well at least GG didn't claim she wrote it. Merely failed to tell her readers who did.

  8. She probably didn't know. Janice however, did. Her reaction was to call me names for pointing it out. Two wrongs don't make a right.

  9. Honestly, I am not sure what Janice's problem was. It would have been a simple matter to give Natalie credit for the parody.

    And apparently she did contact Natalie.

    As a CoH host, I don't think she was at fault for the original link, but once she knew who wrote the parody the appropriate thing to do was give Natalie credit and contact her to let her know. I am not sure why she felt it necessary to delete our comments.

  10. Dear Alasandra-

    I assume that you didn't receive the two e-mails I sent you-- the first one (9:26 a.m.) immediately upon receiving and approving your comment, and changing the attribution; the second when I heard that you mentioned I hadn't responded (2:21p.m.). In both e-mails, and in the revised post, I expressed appreciation for the correct attribution and credited you for it when I put up the correct link. If you didn't receive those e-mails, I would be happy to forward them once more.

    When I received the subsequent comments, I deleted all mention of the link until I could gain permission to post from Natalie. If the original poster had committed an ethical violation, I did not want to perpetuate it by leaving up the links.

    My goal is to have a good carnival - and I absolutely believe in the sanctity of copyright, which I thought I made apparent by the immediate correction and subsequent removal of the link in question and the references to it.

    I absolutely did appreciate your comment with the correct link, and I wanted you to know that.

    Thank you-


  11. Janice, thank you for leaving a comment I appreciate it.

    I never got your emails. Not sure why, the lovely Cableone SPAM filter probably ate them. I have a problem with it eating my emails, even after I approve people. Unfortunately at the moment I am not at a computer where I can look.

    I think you handled the 'problem' the best you could. As a past CoH host I know it's really hard to get a Carnival together.

    By the time I got back you had deleted everything relating to the post including comments, which makes sense now.



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