Friday, August 01, 2008

Crichton's characterization of homeschoolers disappointing

I really used to enjoy reading Michael Crichton's books, but the way he portrays homeschoolers in NEXT is outrageous.

page 262

"It's David," the principal said. She was a woman of forty. "The child you are homeschooling. Your son Jamie brought him to school for the day.

"yes, to see how he did..."

"And I am afraid he did not do well. On the playground he bit another child.

"Oh dear."

"He very nearly drew blood."

"That's terrible."

"We see this in home-schooled children, Mrs. Kendall. They severely lack socialization skills and inner controls. There is no substitute for daily school environment with peers."

By the way, David the child in question is a transgenic chimp who is being passed off as a human child with Gandler-Kreukheim syndrome (which is a totally made up syndrome to explain David's appearance).


  1. Sounds like Mr. Crichton needs to get out more and socialize with a few homeschooled children.

  2. You have to keep in mind this is a work of fiction and just because a character in the book expressed those views on homeschooling they may not be Crichton's own views BUT it was very troubling that homeschooling was blamed for the boy/chimps antisocial behavior.

    Ironically the 100% human public school kid behaved much worse. Of course no one said his behavior was because he attended public schools.


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