Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Graphics Winner

Graphic A was the winner of the graphics contest by a hair. Now that we have a graphic it's time to move along to phase 2. Please nominate your favorite homeschool blog. These are the categories;

  • Adult homeschool blog

  • Teen homeschool blog

  • Child homeschool blog

  • Group homeschool blog

Please leave a comment to nominate your favorite blog, leave a link to the blog and the category. Last years winners:

  • Doc's Sunrise Rants - Adult homeschool blog

  • Why Homeschool - Group homeschool blog

  • Cocking a Snook Too! - Teen homeschool blog (last year the teen and child blogs were combined).

are not eligible for this years contest. Nominations will end October 17th. I hope to have the poll ready for voting to begin November 1st.


  1. Adult Blog - Mother Crone's Homeschool

    Group Blog - Cocking a Snook!

    Teen Blog- The Daily Planet

  2. Adult homeschool blog - Ragamuffin Studies

  3. Adult Homeschool Blog - Day by Day Discoveries :-)

  4. Some of my favorite blogs are already nominated. So I will nominate Kim's Play Place for ADULT blog.



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