Sunday, May 18, 2008

Students Performed Better When Taught By An Inexperienced Teacher

the results were clear: students performed better when they had an inexperienced TFA teacher than when they had a veteran educator at the blackboard."

I guess all those annoying anti~homeschoolers will have to come up with a new argument since their belief that only those with an educational background are capable of teaching has just been blown to smithereens.

Teach for America recruits and selects high-achieving college graduates, many of whom have no prior experience or coursework in education, and places them in needy schools after short but intensive training.

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  1. I read the article you had linked to this blog posting, and I am wondering how well respected this information is to the real thing. A lot of these test on teachers so forth, are done with great haste.

    I also want to state that a lot of homeschool students have done super, while some have not. As with most parenting today, it takes a lot from the parents that do homeschool. Children cannot teach themselves.

    With so many students on the classroom, the only thing students learn from the instructor is from lectures. There are less and less one on one teaching due to the fact the instructor simply cannot do so.

    Where homeschool or public/private school, education is very important. Once time passes, the students suffer. No one can back up time and due over. Something needs to change since so many highschool students are not able to read after they graduate from high school.

  2. in response to brandon: all students are different. some will never excel in academics no matter who is teaching. other do well only in certain settings. it's all relative.

    as far as the article, it's good to have a different look at the truth behind homeschool versus public/private school.

  3. You are so right Suni.

    I think it's chief importance lies in the fact that it demonstrates that you do not have to have a degree in education to be an good teacher.

    One of the best teachers I had in college was a retired banker, who was teaching business math. Didn't have a single educational course to his credit, but he understood the subject he was teaching and had a real gift for imparting his knowledge to his students. A gift that some teachers with tons of educational courses to their credit and teaching degrees lack.


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