Friday, May 02, 2008

By Way of Sunnimom ~ Homeschooling: A Growing Option in American Education

I was over at Sunnimom's blog A Woman On Purpose and I found her post Home Education- Facts Instead of Fear with a link to Homeschooling: A Growing Option in American Education by Dan Lips and Evan Feinberg. Dan Lips is Education Analyst and Evan Feinberg is a former Research Assistant in the Domestic Policy Studies Department at The Heritage Foundation.

Homeschooling: A Growing Option in American Education
While scientific research is limited, the available evidence suggests that homeschooling provides a positive learning environment for the estimated 1.1 million American children who are being educated at home. Homeschooling families are making a valuable contribution to American education with­out relying on taxpayer assistance, saving taxpayers as much as $4.4 billion to $9.9 billion annually by forgoing taxpayer-funded public education. Many families make significant financial sacrifices to homeschool their children after paying federal, state, and local taxes that support public education.

Policymakers should take steps to protect all par­ents' right to teach their children at home and implement reforms to facilitate homeschooling.

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