Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Are they mad?

The Mad River Local School District is looking into the ramifications of having a senior convicted of sexually assaulting another student participate in commencement with his class.

Christopher Lemaster, 18, a senior at Stebbins High School, pleaded guilty April 3 to a fourth-degree felony charge of gross sexual imposition and was placed on five years probation May 1. Lemaster's attorney indicated at his sentencing that he would like to graduate with his class.

The charge stemmed from a Nov. 2 incident when Lemaster engaged in sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old sophomore who had passed out at a party after consuming alcohol and Xanax.

Lemaster was arrested Feb. 22, released on $25,000 bond Feb. 28 and put in home instruction Mar. 3.

Home instruction differs from home schooling in that the student is still enrolled in the district, is guided by district teachers and follows the same curriculum as any other student.

I imagine the girl that was raped would have liked to graduate with her class, but it doesn't look as if they put any effort into helping her.


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