Thursday, April 10, 2008

Progressive Homeschoolers

Setting the Homeschool Record Straight

Apparently I wasn't the only one upset by Mr. Shives' potshots at homeschoolers.

In the American Chronicle article, Homeschoolers Who Don´t Learn Science Shouldn´t Receive a Diploma , author Steve Shives takes some initially ill-informed pot shots at homeschooling as part of a critical evaluation of Mason Dixon Homeschoolers Association (MDHSA) of PA, a diploma mill that counts Apologia Biology, a creation science based curriculum.

The post goes on to explain how Mr Shives is helping HSLDA by buying in to their propaganda.

I wrote to him, saying, “The majority are not, by a long shot, "specifically, fundamentalist Christian—in nature" and when you say that, you're buying into their substitution of volume for substance propaganda, and undermining, hopefully unintentionally, the work of thousands of us trying to set the record straight. The majority of homeschoolers are middle of the roaders, like most folks in America, where, despite the familiar volume of religious fundamentalists in our general society, I doubt you'd claim the majority of Americans are fundamentalist Christian.

Read the whole post at Progressive Homeschoolers.

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