Monday, March 03, 2008

Poorly informed decision hurts CA homeschoolers

Bruce Shortt, a Houston attorney involved with the Exodus Mandate, a group that is calling on California parents to remove their children from state public schools as a result of the recent passage of SB 777, which prohibits schools and teachers from “reflecting adversely” on gays and lesbians, criticized the decision as “arrogant” and “poorly informed,” and said that he was confident that the decision would not stand given the “federal issues” involved.

Saying that the decision, if upheld, would “reduce the choices of parents,” Shortt said that his group would continue its call to remove children from public schools and that the decision would merely cause the group to push in a “different direction.”
The case is In re Rachel L., 08 S.O.S. 1340.

Homeschoolers everywhere need to keep a close eye on this case. I am very concerned about the reported physical and emotional mistreatment by the father. I have several ?'s concerning that.

  • If the father is physically and emotionally abusing the children why haven't they been removed from the home?
  • If the father isn't physically or emotionally abusing the children why can't the family continue to homeschool? They followed the law and were registered with an umbrella school.


  1. Home schooling is illegal in California. Most home schoolers are Christians and all they know to do is fearmonger. Just look at this as an example!

  2. Most homeschoolers are not Christians. That is the most ignorant statement I have heard. That would be like saying "Most public school students are atheist" (which isn't true anymore then your ridiculous statement is).

    Homeschoolers are a diverse group, just like public school students are. We have pagans, atheist, agnostics and yes Christians in our inclusive homeschool group.


    As for this we have homosexual homeschoolers. Visit Doc's blog if you don't believe me.


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