Thursday, March 27, 2008

CA Homeschooling Decision Voided

A state appeals court will reconsider last month's controversial decision that said parents who home-school their children must have a teaching credential.

The 2nd District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles granted a rehearing Tuesday, essentially voiding the 3-0 decision until it rules again. The decision will now allow home-schooling organizations that had blasted the decision to weigh in.


  1. "Voiding" is also a medical term that is actually appropriate for this case. :p
    I hope this time around the judges can make a decision that benefits the Long family and their children and stop worrying about all homeschoolers everywhere.

  2. The Longs are not the family I would have chosen to represent homeschoolers. I do hope the judges can understand that not all homeschoolers are like the Longs. I get so tired of judges and others trying to lump us all together. We are a diverse group and it's time everyone understands that.

  3. I agree, Alasandra, and what this family needs is intervention and real help, not obtuse judges with delusions of grandeur.


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