Friday, February 22, 2008

Not all "Homeschool Kids Love Huckabee"

I am a homeschool Mom and I can't stand Huckabee, neither can my kids. I am so tired of people lumping all homeschoolers together.

According to Peter Nuhn of the No God Blog "Homeschool Kids Love Huckabee". No we don't. Some homeschoolers might love Huckabee just like some public school kids might love Huckabee. We don't march in lock step, we are not clones in fact there are even atheist homeschoolers. So please folks stop implying that all homeschoolers are for Huckabee, many of us aren't and we resent the media and others implying that we are.


  1. Thanks for posting this. :)

    I am part of a homeschooling coop, and I am the coop newsletter editor and newsletter class facilitator. As part of our last term we did a survey among children and adults who they would give their vote.

    Mike Huckabee did not get a single vote. :)

    The overwhelming number of students voted for Obama, followed by Hillary Clinton. The same goes for the parent votes by the way.

    So there... ;-)

    Please come visit my blog if you get a chance.

  2. Go Obama!!!!

    I'll be by to visit your blog ASAP.

    I really hate it when I am told that I must be for such and such just because I homeschool and the only other homeschooling family the 'idiot' knows is for it. It'll be so nice when everyone gets it through their thick heads that homeschoolers are INDIVIDUALS.


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