Friday, October 06, 2006

The Chicago Teacher's Union is suing over the cities cyber charter school and claims it violates state law.

In the lawsuit, the union argues that state board members broke the law by authorizing the virtual school. The suit points to a state law that says a charter school" shall be a public, nonsectarian, non-religious, non-home based school." The suit also contends that, to receive state money, a school must provide "direct supervision," which the union says the virtual school does not.

I think it's a shame that these teacher's are against a public school option that may work for many families. In light of the recent school shootings, I know if I were a public school parent I would be for anything that could keep my child out of a physical building and out of the line of fire.

I also think we need to be very clear here PUBLIC SCHOOL AT HOME IS NOT HOMESCHOOLING!

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