Monday, September 11, 2006


The Democrats told me not to watch it because it bashed the Clinton administration. I can only wonder what on earth they were referring to. The film didn't mention Clinton, and only briefly showed the firemen listening to President George W. Bush on TV. The documentary itself was more focused on the reactions of the firemen watching TV, then on what they were watching.

The American Family Association told me not to watch it because of the swear words. Considering the outcry they raised and their threats to have the FCC fine CBS if they showed it I was surprised at how little profanity was in the documentary.

I found the documentary moving, and extremely sad. I will never forget the chilling sound of the bodies hitting the ground. Made by Gedeon and Jules Naudet who were actually filming a documentary about a rookie firefighter when the World Trade Center was attacked it's focus is on the firemen from Engine 7. How they desperately tried to get the people out, how they dealt with the loss of friends and fellow fire fighters, how their escape from tower one was a miracle, and the survivors guilt they deal with even now. It also documented their grim determination to go back the next day and rescue anyone trapped and their dismay when they realized all that was left was body parts and dust.

Today they still deal with survivors guilt and some have medical problems related to 9/11, but you have to admire the resilience of those who go on fighting fires, go on saving lives and rejoice in the lives they were able to save 9/11, while never forgetting those who were lost.

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