Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Some People Just Don't Understand Homeschooling or Science

It seems strange that Public School Teachers and Administrators are so busy worrying about homeschoolers. One would think they would have their hands full with the public school students they are failing to educate.

Spunky points out that some people just don't get it in her blog.

And apparently the debate over rather Science (Theory of Evolution) or Religion (Intelligent Design/ my all time favorite The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster) should be taught in Science Classes, is alive and well.

One public school teacher had to actually fight to teach SCIENCE in her Science Classroom.

One parent asked how money could be wasted on a subject like evolution: "As budget cuts continuously chip away at our children's future of a good, quality college-ready education," she wrote, "I would think there would be more educational, more worthwhile and certainly more factual learning that could be taught." She requested that her son be permitted to "bide his time elsewhere" when evolution was taught.

Ms. New explained that evolution is so central to biology, the boy would be biding elsewhere all year long. Practically every chapter in her Prentice Hall textbooks "Bacteria to Plants," "Cells and Heredity," "Animals" used evolution to trace the development of life starting with bacteria, green algae and gymnosperms.

Honestly where do these uneducated parents come from (oh, they probably attended PUBLIC SCHOOLS). If Mom wants her son to bide his time elsewhere when Evolution is taught then she she should plan on him bidding his time somewhere other then college. I can assure her Evolution is a key concept of college Biology Classes. And for all you Flying Spaghetti Monster Fans, HIS followers have created the Flying Spaghetti Monster Game.

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