Saturday, July 15, 2006

Why Homeschool: Rants, Raves and Comments - part 1

Why Homeschool: Rants, Raves and Comments - part 1

A public school teacher felt the need to leave a comment bashing homeschoolers, on the Why Homeschool blog.

An example of her vitriol
I am very ANTI HOMESCHOOL. IT IS "i WON'T PAY TAXES, I am not going to get my child in a class that is color diverse, I don't want to help the local school , I am more holy or more Catholic than the Pope" attitude. FRANKLY, GET REAL YOU NAIVE PEOPLE.

While I could spend my time issuing a response, Janine at Why Homeschool did a wonderful job. I encourage you to read all three parts of Why Homeschool: Rants, Raves and Comments.

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  1. I don't homeschool, but I send my kids to a private school. In part to avoid "expert" teachers so naive and foolish as to think home-schoolers and/or private schoolers DON'T PAY TAXES.

    Oh, and to avoid the overwhelming arrogance of those very same ignorant "experts" who have the incredible gall to suggest that home-schoolers "get real." That's a command that loses a great deal of its potency when the user has just demonstrated their own ignorance.


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