Friday, July 07, 2006

Ok, I'll Play

You can blame Natalie of Ramblings, Rants & Remedies for this.

Five things in my closet

1. Too many clothes. Hubby's need to go somewhere, so I can actually find my outfits without taking most of the clothes out first.
2. Shoes, some that need repairing; because who knows when I will be able to find a pair I like in my size.
3. Hats I NEVER wear; because I look terrible in hats, but I am suppose to wear them to prevent sunburns.
4. Hubby's lose change.
5. Belts (some of which I have had since High School-yeah I know it's time to clean out the closet)

Five things in my refrigerator

1. A watermelon. Wouldn't you know I would buy one, and it would start pouring down rain here. Making it impossible to eat on the picnic table.
2. Yogurt
3. Leftovers, that no one will eat, except me.
4. Eggs
5. Carrots

Five Things In My Car

1. XM radio play list
2. Cell phone recharger
3. Umbrella (unless the kids took it out, whenever I need it; it has vanished)
4. Halo Cd's; because Hubby and boys can't bear to be without Halo for any length of time. (they wouldn't mind being without me).
5. Jacket, in case I get cold (it's leftover from soccer season).
This is so weird I had to add it to the list electrical tape. Why it is in there I don't know. I suppose Hubby left it there.

Five things in my purse

1. Keys, at least they better be there.
2. Pocket book
3. Pens
4. Scraps of paper
5. Ummmmmmmm a monster that eats things that I know I put in there but can't find (mainly my keys and cell phone).

Now to announce the 5 victims I have chosen to tag
1. PolyitiCalypso (who I know is really busy, so if she can't play I'll understand)
2. Stonewall
3. Lord Epa
4. Sheila
5. Vida

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