Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What We Will Be Learning

Sean will be in the 10th grade. Actually we don't really do grades. I use advance placement high school textbooks.

Since Sean expressed an interest in learning Spanish we will be doing that for his elective. We had a good experience with Power Glide when we learned Japanese so I will probably use it again.

The rest are textbooks I used previously with Jonathan.
Saxon 1st Semester Algebra II , second semester Advanced Mathematics.
AMSCO Economics and Institutions and Analysis
The EMC Masterpiece Series Literature and the Language Arts - World Literature
AMSCO Global Studies civilizations of the Past and Present (I will supplement this with the National Geographic as well as the textbook I used in college)
Conceptual Physical Science Second Edition by Hewitt, Suchocki, Hewitt
I ordered all these books thru the Homeschool Supercenter.

For Physical Education Sean usually plays soccer for OSSO, but I was very disappointed in several decisions the OSSO Board made last year. Mainly their plan to delay the start of OSSO's season until the end of FOOTBALL, and not providing uniforms for all our players until after we had played several games. Unless I see a different attitude regarding the U16 team, I think Sean will play for West River or D'Iberville if he still wants to play soccer. If not we will find some other activity for him to be involved in.

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